"Jack's Place" For Ellis/Sunnyview Families

Inn for families of sick, hurt kids planned
BY KATHLEEN MOORE Gazette Reporter

By next year, a homegrown version of the Ronald McDonald House likely will be open in Schenectady for families of those in long-term rehabilitation.

The home, within walking distance of Ellis Hospital and Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital, will be called Jack's Place.

The Falvo family has been raising money for five years for the home, named in memory of Jack Falvo III, who died at age 21 in a Jet Ski accident.

He was the son of Jack Falvo Jr., assistant chief of the Schenectady Police Department.

Family members have finally raised enough money to buy 1100 Nott St., but they will have to take out a small mortgage, which they hope to pay off through future donations.

Even then, they still have a long way to go before they can greet their first guests. They have to get city approval for the plans, and then they must renovate the building, converting downstairs offices into bedrooms. There are six bedrooms in the house now. They hope to add four more.

"Our goal is 10 bedrooms. It's based on the need," Jack Falvo Jr. said.

Every day, 10 to 12 family members, who travel for hours to visit loved ones in rehab at Ellis and Sunnyview, have difficulty affording both the travel and a hotel room, according to the hospitals.